Shift Your Energy NOW and Awaken to Source to Create Intentionally - Without Stress or Struggle!

Have you been looking for a way to release limiting beliefs, connect with the energy of Source, and start deliberately creating new experiences?


You can open to all these possibilities by learning a few simple techniques that you can start to master - TODAY!


The energy of Source is always flowing to you, waiting eagerly to express more fully into your life.  When you learn how to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are standing in the way of that total flow, this energy surges through you to be manifest fully as your life experience.


Whatever emotion you’re dwelling in, will become your life experience going forward.


If you’re flowing with a joyful energy, new ideas will roll through your consciousness, enlivening your body, your mind and eventually culminating as physical experience.


Your every thought can add to this unfolding process, as you know how to orient yourself in the mix of vibrations that surround you at all times.

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I’m Aaron, and for the last decade I’ve been working with a collective of nonphysical teachers who call themselves Joseph. 


Joseph are Source Energy here to show us how to make our own connection with the Eternal, expanding energy that is at our core.  Working with Joseph has shown myself as well as hundreds of others how easy and simple it can be to make this connection, and to allow it to flow into daily life.


When you identify what’s been holding you back, allow these ideas to shift and change in harmony with Inner Energy, and ride the wave of that energetic expression… all the loose ends will come into resolution as you continue on the path that you came here to experience.


Your Eternal, Inner Self is present in this moment, wanting to express its wisdom and knowledge to and through you for the purpose of coming into physical actualization.  You are here as a creator who is learning to work with the energies of thought and feelings of emotion to establish an energetic basis that will manifest as your life here in this body, at this time.


The countless experiences that add to this Eternal Self have culminated in that which you are, in this moment.  These experiences, ideas, intentions and desires have all come together to create a platform from which you are creating… and this foundation can be brought into greater creative expression and actualization.


If this inner knowing is growing in you now, if you feel the expanding call of Source from within reaching out to read these words, then Joseph’s energy is calling you forward to learn how to make the total shift - right now!

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If you can feel the confirmation coming forward in the form of powerful emotion, then IT IS YOUR TIME TO MASTER YOUR ENERGY and join this grand unfolding - mentored by Joseph and Awakening to your own Eternal Self.

It is not by accident that you’ve been attracted to these words.  You have been calling out energetically for the guidance that Joseph provides, and to be a part of the expanding unfolding that comes from receiving more momentum along your path and purpose.  If you resist or deny your inner calling, that pressure will only continue to grow until it explodes through you - sometimes people call this a “spiritual awakening.”

This awakening can be a gentle, joyful, peaceful and even BLISSFUL experience with the right guidance and mentorship - and that’s what I’m making available through the Awaken to Source Mastermind - the premier resource for learning how to shift your energy and open to manifesting your passion and purpose.

You’ve been called forward in this way and at this time to be able to master your energetic process, to learn how to allow your Eternal Self to come forward into this life, and to become a magnet for your heart’s desires. 

I’m here to tell you that you can have this experience - and it’s easier than you’ve ever believed!

Let Joseph guide you to your Eternal Energy

Join an intimate group of spiritual family as Joseph guides you to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and actions that have been preventing your full connection to your Source Energy!


Each week, Joseph will personally guide you into resonance with your own Eternal Self, and show you how to focus and funnel that powerful energy into your daily life - totally revolutionizing your relationships, abundance, physical well-being and spiritual connection.


Learning how to open to this energy is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others - the knowledge and EXPERIENCE of that total connection with All That You Are!

Here's a Fraction of What You'll Learn...

  • How to receive direct guidance from Source, even if you never meditate!

  • You always need to think positively, right? WRONG!  Discover how to create your reality without obsessing over affirmations.

  • Why ACTION is the missing piece: how to leverage inspired action to add rocket fuel to your intentions!

  • 5 ways to manifest without stress!

  • How to find your point of power, even if the world is going crazy around you.

  • When it's actually okay to feel negative emotion!

  • How to eliminate self-doubt and release limiting beliefs.

  • 3 things you should NEVER do if you're trying to manifest intentionally.

  • What to do if abundance STILL hasn't come flooding into your life

  • Why affirmations don't work like you've been told

  • Say goodbye to tension, fear and confusion

  • The truth about receiving Inner Guidance

  • What to do if you don't see your intentions manifesting quickly

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If You Join Today, You’ll Also Receive…

Access 10 hours of video and audio classes from Joseph!


These classes will target your limiting beliefs with pinpoint accuracy, so you can deepen your understanding of Universal Law and how to apply it to your life.

Modules include:

  • Creating Your Reality
  • Joyful Relationships
  • Expanding Abundance
  • Vibrant Health
  • Connecting to Guidance

and MORE!


You’ll receive a systematic, step-by-step blueprint for creating ANYTHING that this life has inspired within you.  You’ll have the tools and abilities to shift whatever negativity arises in your life, and to follow your path and purpose into physical actualization.


These courses will take you on a path of energetic unfolding and provide everything necessary to bring your heart’s desires into this physical world.


You’ll watch in real-time as your thoughts become powerful enough to effect physical change and you’ll be AMAZED at how easy it was to shift your energy and manifest new experience.

Joseph’s suite of meditations is yours… FREE!

This powerful collection of meditations will show you how to anchor these energetic transformations within you - so you can have these shifts on-demand!


Start each day with the refreshing energy of Source to inspire your next steps and show you the way forward.  Each time you listen to one of these meditations, your energetic field will be gently lifted into harmony with your greater knowing, and inspirations will come flooding in, ready for you to take action upon!


As you listen to these meditations, layers of resistance will fall away, making a way for your inner knowing to reveal itself to you, and to energize your thoughts with greater clarity and momentum.


These meditations are a quick path to experiencing the BLISS of aligning with your total Being and all the wonderful manifestations that come from that connection.

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If you join the Mastermind today, you’ll not only be personally mentored by Joseph, get the powerful audio and video collection AND Joseph’s suite of meditations… BUT I’LL GIVE THIS ALL TO YOU FOR JUST ONE DOLLAR!!!


That’s right - if you follow your inner calling and join the Mastermind today, you will have complete access to everything for $1 for the next 7 days!!


I’m letting you join the Mastermind for a dollar because I know the power it has to change EVERYTHING for you: to show you how to shift your energy and become a magnet for your heart’s desires.  I’ve spoken to so many people who are ready for this level of guidance and I know that is why you’ve been drawn to these words: YOU’RE READY!

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I’m so certain that this is the next step on your path that I’m happy to offer it for just a dollar!

Come join the Mastermind for $1 with no risk or obligation - and if Joseph’s energy doesn’t resonate with you, I'll give you your money back.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Don't miss this opportunity - click the button below and make the total shift today!

Yes, I Want This!

Just Listen to What People are Saying About the Mastermind:

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Marilyn Decalo

I cannot thank Aaron and Joseph enough for the life changing shifts I have made with their loving guidance over the past 6 months.

Experiencing the energy changes everything!

I have overcome fear and resistance, become an empowered creator and now I am launching my own coaching business - a dream come true!

It has all happened through learning how to truly connect with the energy of my inner self, shift limiting thinking and line up emotionally with my heart’s desires. I feel blessed to have received this wonderful gift experiencing my connection to the energy.

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THEO through Sheila Gillette
Mentor to Esther Hicks

For there is many in need, and the guidance to be given allows transformation of consciousness for many.

So in this time, a gleaning of that import of your work and your position within that: the full soul contract to go forward in this 5th dimensionary energy as a being of increase and a being of sharing.

Knowledge, wisdom, insights to others as a conduit for their life process.


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Kelly Wenzel

One session with Joseph really does change your life.

The introduction to Joseph came into my life with perfect timing.

As many of us have experienced, life puts us through great challenges, teaching us incredible lessons, always pushing us forward.

I had my sessions with Joseph and important things about myself began to unfold in the most amazing self discovery type ways.

The Joseph collective was the shining light that showed me who I truly was and what I had created for myself, allowing me the right tools, and energy to move forward and improve my life dramatically.


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Morgan Lei

Joseph guided me within myself to a place of stillness and tranquility that had become elusive after many stressful years.

Their presence as we reacquainted with this lightness of my being fortified and strengthened the sensation allowing me to visit this resting place of wholeness and no-stress in an on going daily practice.

I feel I was being given a new set of tools for living and a way to use them. Perhaps I already owned them but had forgotten where exactly I'd place them or how they worked. Joseph guided me with clarity, wisdom, kindness and grace.




Joseph is a being with great humility and understanding of the process of allowing oneself to access eternal energy and bringing that energy with you in whatever you want to do or express.

Throughout the channeling session it was spoken much about the unfolding of the energy that you cultivate during meditation.

They speak with pure intentions and talk to you directly about what can help you resonate with whatever helps you the most in whate‍‍‍ver stage of growth that you are in. The session was enjoyable and gave some great clarity.



Maria Schuster

You are such a blessing for this awakening process - the energy from Joseph is absolutely amazing - as soon as you channel, maybe 2 minutes later, the energy is moving through my body - particularly in the forehead - the energy moves from the right to the left hand side - it seems the 2 brains are connecting - it feels so peaceful.



Donna Guthrie

I think you guys just changed my life.. I have been unable to work due to crippling sciatica.. I am 54.... today I watched your videos, and my hips and pelvic bones opened (where my worst pain is) I was laying on my back doing air splits.. my whole spine opened from my neck to my ankles.. all bones cracked.. I could feel energy soaring thru my veins and I also have arterial vascular disease (no blood flow due to smoking) I feel amazing.. thank you



Gavin Elliott

I am continually pleasantly surprised by my experiences through Aaron and Joseph.

Each time I meditate with them I am quickly reminded of my life force power to create in this very life, this very moment.

The meditations free me from the egoistical chaos my mind creates to deceive me, and I am brought back to myself, my home, my soul.

To me, Aaron and Joseph are nothing less than a gentle and focused reminder that everything is and will always be ok, coupled with quick and effortless techniques to get me back to that nurturing space whenever I so desire.

A truly grounding, yet liberating experience each time.


This is Your Time to Say YES to the Next Step Along Your Inner Journey!

Yes, I Want This!

It’s your time to open to the guidance of Source Energy, to shift your energy and to become a magnet to creating your passion and purpose, and you can experience all of that for just a dollar, with the Awaken to Source Mastermind.


I’m looking forward to seeing you in the group and hearing the powerful transformations that will be birthed from your decision to follow your inner knowing.


To Your Connection,

Aaron (and Joseph)

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