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Choosing in alignment with Inner Knowing

Dec 20, 2020


Joseph: So you'll like this very much. So this is one of our most practical processes and you can apply it to anything. So if you're feeling all right, and you're looking at options and neither of them are really energizing you or calling you forward, we want you to drop all that.

And we want you to talk about what you want to experience. We want you to get into what it is about moving that you even want in the first place. And we don't want you to bring anything to do with either of those places or any other place for that matter. We want you to stay in this moment and start to speak those words to yourself.

"I'd really like a place where I can have fresh air and feel stimulated and, and, and be interested." And if that's, as far as you can get, then that's okay. And you stop there. And then you start to put yourself into the shoes of where you'd like to be. You can imagine it as specific as you can get, in that experience, you imagine yourself waking up and getting out of bed and looking around you.

And what is it that you see? What do you feel? What do you smell? What is the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning? Are you making coffee? Are you making tea? Are you making a bit of breakfast? What does your kitchen look like? What does the sun look like as it's coming in in the morning?

What does, what do you smell as you open the window? And we want you to get so intimate with this vision that it brings tears to your eyes. We want you to get so familiar with it, that you have goosebumps, rippling up and down your body just as Aaron has here.

By the mere thought of it and you goose that up and you enhance that and you make it real and you flesh it out. And then what are you doing and how are you feeling and who are you calling and, and what does this remind you of and what kind of art do you have on the walls? And you notice that in this conversation, it has nothing to do with any specific outcome.

It has nothing to do with any particular location and you become so familiar with that vision. You become so acquainted with it, that it becomes second nature to you. And that is when you look at the different possibilities and you see which one aligns with that. And if no possibility in this moment aligned with that vision, then you go back to the vision and you focus there a little bit more.

That's how we recommend making any choice that you are unsure of any sort of fork in the road where you can't see the end of the different paths. And you know, you need to make a choice. You find the essence of where you want to be.


You don't just find it. You don't just sort of think I'd like to live somewhere nice and then leave it at that. You'll go there and you stay there and you notice how you feel in the body and you notice what kind of thoughts you're having, and you notice the essence of that. And then you look for that essence in all things.

And when you find it, there will be no denying it as long as you've practiced it. But if you haven't practiced it and you're expecting those places to inspire you, then you could have the place right in your face that resonates with that energy. And not even notice it because you don't have familiarity with that.

So you have to build the familiarity. You have to build that essence. You have to resonate,

Luke: And that familiarity may not even be within those two cities. It may be somewhere else. It's going to show up. That's congruent with what was my vision.

Joseph: Exactly. And in fact, because you have gone into this state and you've gone into this place within your own inner mind and inner being an inner self, you will attract that to you.

That's why we say you don't even need to apply it. It will apply itself. And so those ideas must be drawn to you. Those steps must be drawn to you. They will be drawn to you. And here's what we want you to know as well: like you said, it's not about choosing from a choice A or B, it's being open to the recognition.

So new ideas will start to come to you. So that you'll recognize an aspect of it. It could be something as simple as a tea kettle that you see, and it reminds you of that inner vision. And you say, "I would like to have that red tea kettle that's part of my kitchen that I've been envisioning," but we want you to take each step as they come and to relish and enjoy each little glimmer that's being drawn to you because these are like breadcrumbs leading you on your path.

And when the opportunity is there, it's going to feel just like that inner energy felt and you'll be jumping for it because you'll know that it's ready. That it's right. That you've practiced it. And then you can flow easily into that experience. You see, it has to come to you if you're practicing that energy.