Opening to Eternal Energy - NOW!

Nov 17, 2019



We are all the way here. We are being called Joseph, but as you feel this energy reveal itself to you, we want you to recognize the similarity to your own inner energy. Because if you're feeling that resonance, if you're feeling that oneness and that connection, it means that you are part of this energy and that this energy is part of you.

It also means that you've called us forward. It means that you've been asking questions, you've been having ideas, you've been holding intentions that summon our energy into your reality. So we found a way to you! Because you've attracted us, it also means you're on the verge of attracting a whole series of new experience that you're attracting to yourself.

New ideas that you're attracting to yourself, new emotional experiences, and that all of these things are being drawn to you because they are your next steps. And so our intention, our purpose here is to help you sync up with that energy, to help you sync up with that purpose, to help you realize that direction that you're heading and to also identify anything that's holding you back.

Once you recognize these beliefs, once you recognize the energies that don't allow you to have that full expression, you can release them and you can release them quickly, one after the other, after the next, after the next.

In many cases you have created within yourself all sorts of ideas, all sorts of opinions and beliefs that run quite counter to the flow of that energy. They're setting up a resistance. They're setting up a barrier, but all of those thoughts and ideas, all of those opinions about reality, they can be quite easily shifted and transformed in harmony with the direction and intention that your inner knowing holds.

As you allow that process to continue, as you allow it to gain strength and momentum and energetic potency, you feel that breakthrough, you feel the emotional shifting, which means that your energy has moved into a new place.

As your energy is allowed to make that breakthrough, as your consciousness is allowed to flow into all of these new directions, you create for yourself, all of the new ideas, yes. But you also created for yourself all of the new experiences. And when you create these experiences, when you draw all of those realities to you, it creates a life that you enjoy so much more than the alternative.

The alternative, of course, being many of these experiences that you've already lived through. Experiences that you've seen other people live through, experiences that you have heard about from others. All of this adds to this perception of what life is - of what life is supposed to be and what is possible for you.

None of that needs to be true because it is only through working with your ideas, working through the energy that flows through these ideas that you are then allowed to have that new experience. That you are then allowed to broaden your horizons in terms of your thoughts and ideas, but you're also broadening the experiences that come to you.

The journeys mirror one another. Your energetic experience, the energy that flows through you, the way that you process these thoughts, these emotions, and these experiences will play itself out to you as your life experience. But if you're getting into the physical experience, if you're looking at all of the different possibilities and seeing how you can change this, how you can change that, how you can do this and do that and all starts to feel a little bit overwhelming...

Well, you've just disoriented yourself by moving your orientation away from that steady and consistent energy that is within. So how do you recognize the energy? Well, you feel it. As we are speaking these words, we want you to relax because the energy is all around you. It is buzzing about you, and in the same way that you've called our energy forward, you're calling that experience to you.

We're just a representation of your own inner energy coming forward to express. So if you can follow with us the thought by thought by thought process that we're laying out for you, then you will see that process unfold as step-by-step-by-step physical experience.

So you just place the intention is how you get it all flowing.

You make the decision to let this energy flow. You make the decision to connect with this in our process, and as you hold to that steady intention and that steady decision, everything that is necessary for its physical manifestation is and will continue to be drawn to you.

What that means is the resources will reveal themselves.

The opportunities will reveal themselves and the experiences, the new ideas, the inspiration, all of the things that are necessary for that inner energy to come into physical reality will be drawn to you. But what will also be revealed, are all of the places within yourself that you have held onto resistance. What will also be revealed are all of the places within yourself that you have been holding onto old, stagnant and stuck energy.

And that's a good thing! You may have all of these new feelings rush up. You may have all of this excitement and all of this inspiration, but then you're also going to reveal to yourself all of the places that that energy has not been flowing. And as you get ahold of this process, as you get a hang of the energetic unfolding, then it will excite you.

Then it will thrill you and it will call you forward and enliven in you. And all you have to do is follow that inspiration. All you have to do is follow that excitement. All you have to do is follow that energy and as you feel it fully, it will play itself out in your physical reality. We are complete.