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The BIG manifestation

Nov 04, 2019

This audio was excerpted from the latest webinar in the "Awaken to Source Mastermind." CLICK HERE to join the Mastermind and get in on the fun!

Joseph: We are fully present. Energy flowing.. always flowing, yes?

It's always going on behind the scenes, but when you become conscious of that process you have a greater orientation and you may not see the instant physical result, but you'll feel the instant result of that harmony or disharmony of the energy within your being and then that will eventually play out.

You have the opportunity to mix and meld and to decide and to re-decide and to refine and to continue to focus throughout this process over and over and over again, which many times people are saying "well, it's not happening fast enough." And what we want you to know is you don't want it to happen that fast.` You're here in the physical reality to play with that aspect of time to express yourself through the unfolding of time and that takes time... Sometimes!


And so if you can put it all into place if you can take all of these seemingly separate aspects of your life and make the one constant how you're relating to all of it, then in all of these different circumstances, you're still offering that same energy and then that's allowing you to grow within the places you're going to grow or to leave behind the places that you're not going to keep with you.

And the opposite is true: if you have these aspects of your experience, which are really expressions of aspects of yourself, and you find this one continually bothering you it is just an opportunity,

yes, for your energy to flow into that experience because that's an indication that there's a part of yourself that wants to express which means that there's another more meaningful more expensive manifestation on the other side of it. So rather than having to sort it all out, which you really can't do in other words:

"This is my number one priority. This is my number two priority. And this is my number three priority and if I'm unhappy here, it's not a big deal because it's not a big priority and I want to put more blah blah blah you keep going on with how you want to focus your energy into all of these different things.

But all you have to do is approach it in a moment-to-moment experience and that can be when you're in the middle of that experience in the middle of that job or having that conversation or doing any of that but it's also appropriate when you're thinking about it. When you're just thinking about it, because your relationship with these different aspects of your life is it is ultimately about your approach, your thought, your belief about it and your approach within it.

And then that of course is translated to future experience.

So even saying something - there's a subtle difference between saying, "This is not that important to me, so whatever I'll just deal with it" and saying, "This is not that important to me, but I know that it has the capability of leading to something else and that can lead to something else.

And so I'm just really going to let this play itself out, meantime, I'm just going to met maintain my energy" and and that subtle difference, one - it seems quite subtle and it is but the results can be can be markedly different. If you're saying, "having this conversation over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is is kind of consistently bugging me, but I know I'm not going to do it in the future. So I don't really have to do anything about my energy in relationship to it."

Well, it may seem small but it will continue to grow and that's when it's what was previously a subtle annoyance becomes more and more aggravating than you get to the place where you're looking at your life experience and saying "how did I get to this place where I'm being bothered by all of these bothersome things?" And many times people will say "well then I should just not be bothered by this," and that's not the approach either because it's not denying your emotional reactions to these things, it's just taking it back and tweaking just your opinion of them. So it becomes less of a charged player in your overall experience and that subtle shift then such you down a whole different path.

Where you can have, in other words: you're still going to have to wait in line sometimes. You're still going to have to deal with your taxes sometimes, and you're still going to have to deal with some of the ins and outs of physical reality and it's just how are you relating to it? How  charged is it?

You could be thinking about having to wait in line not even waiting in line, but even just thinking about it and feeling that frustration and feeling that energy and in that moment, you're offering that energy of frustration and that's the process that allows you to build the bridge from that subtle direction to the other direction.

But if you're all the way out here in the frustration, you can't make that shift to the other tracks. You have to back it up back it up back it up back it up to that place of receptivity to that place of connection with the inner energy. And that's when you make the subtle choice and the impulses start leading you further and further and further down the other direction.

So you have the access to the inner guidance when you're looking for those nudges when you're looking for that motion forward.

That's exactly what we're talking about in terms of bringing it back. And then that's what is moving you forward is that inner information.

Well, it's ends up being very wonderful opportunity because what you'll see is that of course these things that had previously bothered you the things that had previously people call it "triggered," emotionally  activated you -

When you find that new relationship to it, the amount of tension that you feel about this on the other side equals the ammount of freedom and joy that you're going to feel and it's such a dichotomy there, but you can recognize how it is all connected. You have the one path and you become energized and you bring it back and release and connect.

Then you find the new path and you follow that and you have that propulsion, that impetus. Because your desire has expanded from all of that resistance. Your desire has expanded from all of that conflict, if you even want to call it that. And it doesn't matter how subtle it is, a little subtle nudge in one direction will give you a subtle nudge in the new direction. A big frustration will give you a big result on the other side, but you just have to find that balance of "how much of this am I willing to take before I'm going to bring it back," and that's the process.

It is the creative process. It's exactly the process that you're involved in here is that the energy is flowing in one thought leads to the next and there's a combustion and it expresses in terms of new ideas new thoughts, that leads you to to write it down or to follow that impulse which then leads you to the next idea which leads you to the next - in other words:

it's a give-and-take. It's the new idea comes and you dance with it for a while and it inspires you to a new motion and inspires you to a new path  and so there is that organic aspect to it that it's always in growth, it's always an unfolding.

It's all about building momentum.

And that's why people who are in what are called success circles and things like that talk about the mindset. It's all about building momentum. And so if you don't believe that it's possible for yourself, you slow that momentum. If you do believe that it's possible, then you allow the momentum to continue to build and so that's what we're talking about at the beginning part of this in terms of releasing all of the stuff that's been bogging you down.

That allows you to find the neutral place where you can continue to focus and continue to add momentum. Now as the momentum builds, it becomes more attractive and more powerful and what you would call bigger, but you have to have it first going on within and as that's allowed to be nurtured and to continue to grow, then the manifestation of course will mirror that bigness.

But you can't look outside yourself and make that comparison because you don't know how long, in physical terms, they've been adding momentum to that and ultimately it doesn't matter because your inner self has all sorts of focus, all sorts of momentum, all sorts of energy that has been added to this idea.

You just have to catch up to that speed. You just have to allow yourself to be brought up to that speed, and that's what this process is about, is just getting into that rhythm. It's getting into that flow. It's getting into that continuity. So that one thought can lead to the next can lead to the next can lead to the next and in the sense that we talked about it - almost like putting a coin into a piggy bank you're adding adding adding adding adding adding adding, until it reaches a critical threshold and that's when the scales are able to tip.

And it starts pouring into physical manifestation. But again, if you keep running over to the physical manifestation and looking at it, "why hasn't it come about, why isn't it big enough? Why oh why all of these things?" You cut off that growth process, and that's why it feels small because you're looking - in other words, you can see the stem of the flower and it's grown from the sprout and it's gone up, and you see the bud and the bud's getting bigger and bigger - but then you look at this bloomed sunflower and you say:

"This one, this little one must be must be wrong, or unable or..." But really what's happening is just beneath the surface it has had all of that momentum building until it reaches the critical threshold and that's when the blooming happens. And that's what we're talking about in terms of manifestation, is that there is this continual organic processes going on within and when you introduce the resistance to it, when you introduce the doubt or the belief or the comparison or anything like that, you hinder the process. You throw some static into that process, and the organic growth on your end of the equation slows down a little bit.

But when you can let it go and almost dissociate yourself from the need for things to physically manifest and put all of your emphasis and your energy into that inner growth process, then by the time it does spillover there's so much that's been going on within.

But you recognize the manifestation because of the feeling, because of that consistency of energy. And so it builds this momentum. It builds this entire picture that then you can stand back and say "That is a big manifestation!" But it's not! It's a series of little manifestations that were really just a series of manifestations in the sense of inspiration that's coming in.

And then what comes about is when you follow that trail and then you look back at what you've created, let's say that it's a book, for example: you're receiving word after word, you're receiving paragraph after paragraph - and one paragraph may seem like absolutely nothing, but then when put into context of that entire creation, that entire manifestation - let's call the book the manifestation - and it's flowed it's flowed, the information has flowed step by step, thought by thought, word by word, and then you have this manifestation.

Well, if that process was coming from the energy of that inner connection ,the book is going to represent that energy in physical form. It's the manifestation!

But if you were frustrated the whole time writing the book, if all of those words are coming from a place of frustration, then that's the energy that that book is going to represent and you can hand it to someone and what you're really handing them is a packet of energy of whatever energy you are in while the words are flowing.

Now, you see that with many fiction - what are called fiction - books there where it takes you on the emotional Journey. Well, the person who was creating that was riding those emotional waves and translating it into this physical manifestation and they invite you to join it. So what energy do you want to communicate? And it attracts all of the people who are looking for that.

It's not about making it about the expressive mechanism. It's not about the medium. It's about the energy. It's about the message. It's about the process and when you step back to that place of clear connection, then the impulses will guide you and you'll be guided to your medium.

You'll be guided toward the process of expression that is natural for  who you are. And all of that will come about in an organic process and many times, the physical self doesn't have the skills and that's part of the process too! Is that you're guided to learn the skill, or to delegate it to someone, or it doesn't matter, but the process is going to happen through you.

Sometimes you're joyfully the one who wants to learn it all and to do it all and to figure it all out and sometimes it feels like way too much and you're feeling inspired to delegate it to an editor or to someone else or to an assistant or  something like that. There's no right or wrong with than any of it.

It's not right to delegate or wrong to delegate. It's not right to do it all yourself or wrong to try to do it all yourself, but it's just about your personal energy within this process and that's what we're talking about when you're speaking of some early stage frustrations, you are feeling with things going on in your life.

It's not about those things. It's about your relationship to them and when you get that all sorted out, then it turns into this cohesive picture and if you were to look at it bit by bit, it may seem like this is a small thing. This is a small thing. This is a small thing. Well all of those small things add up to this momentum that you're building that then expresses as your life and becomes really big manifestation - in the eyes of others.

With you, when you're in the middle of it, it just feels like you're accepting the next step. That's why we're always calling your attention to just allowing the next step. Just allowing the next step. Just allowing the next thought, the next idea the next impulse, the next action.

Because that's what the creative process is. Now what other people see, is what you're describing yourself seeing in other people, is this great big manifestation. But again that great big manifestation is just a series of little Inspirations that create the overall picture.