How to Shift Your Energy NOW and Awaken to Source to Manifest Your Passion and Purpose WITHOUT Stress or Struggle!

Release limiting core beliefs and open to Inner Guidance to attract your next steps and experience the life you came here to live!

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction.

You’ve been trying to manifest your desires, but something still seems stuck and you’re not having the success you know is possible.

You try to stay positive, think the “good” thoughts and stay focused in on what you want, but any meaningful manifestations seem just out of reach, and you end up standing still, paralyzed by your lack of success.

You’ve gone from teacher to teacher to find spiritual guidance, and feel the yearning to find your passion and purpose, but after a while you’re no further along your path than you were so you’ve started to give up hope on connecting to Source.

I’m here to tell you that you can make that connection, and you can make it NOW!

Imagine… with the simple tweaking of a few core beliefs, you can get unstuck and allow your Eternal, Inner Energy to surge through you and enliven everything around you.

You can lift the veil of doubt and revel in the BLISS of an unrestricted connection to your Source and Inner Guidance.

You can master this connection and trust in the absolute knowing of your own path and reason for being in this body, at this time.

I’m Aaron, and for the last decade I've been working with Source Energy, a collective of nonphysical teachers that I call Joseph. 

Joseph have helped thousands of people, just like yourself, to open to their OWN Source of absolute guidance, and to master their creative energy to manifest what they want.

I’ve seen Joseph help people create unconditionally loving relationships, vibrant health, expanding abundance and a stable connection with Inner Guidance.

Now I haven’t always had this crystal clear connection to Source…

Before I connected to Joseph, my life was a complete disaster!

I had been studying the Law of Attraction, struggling to manifest with intention and create my own reality - but everything was collapsing around me, and fast!

I had finally hit rock bottom: homeless, broke, without friends or family to help me, sick and out in the cold. I had only my suitcase to my name, and nowhere left to turn.

But in the moment I truly FELT my energy shift and opened to a rush of the most powerful energy I had ever felt… everything changed!

The absolute Guidance I had been seeking finally became my reality, and I was able to follow this Source, that I call Joseph, into a life of health, wealth and happiness that continues to get better - and I KNOW that it always will!

I gave Joseph the chance to guide me - and I’m grateful to this day that I made that decision.

Watch Below to Experience Your Energy Shift:


Who Is Joseph?

Joseph is Source Energy!

Joseph is a collective consciousness of nonphysical teachers who are coming forward to show us how to shift our energy - NOW!

Although Joseph does teach powerfully transformative information, what makes working with them unique is that their energy is so powerful and focused that you FEEL your energy shift - every time!

Without the FEELING of your energy shifting, the rest is great information - but nothing will EVER change without that tangible, experiential energetic shift.

In your asking for that shift, in your questions about how to manifest more of what you want, you've drawn Joseph's energy to you... and NOW is the time to say "yes" to making that fundamental transformation.

That’s why I’ve been guided to create The Awaken to Source Masterclass so you can shift your energy NOW and manifest your passion and purpose!

This Masterclass is the coming together of a decade of being guided by Source energy, so you can benefit from my accumulated experience and clear connection to Guidance. 

Joseph will lovingly guide you each step of the way along discovering your path and purpose so you can FEEL this KNOWING in the core of your being, and follow your reason for being here in this body. Being guided by Joseph is an opportunity to release your limiting beliefs in a nurturing environment surrounded by the wisdom of Eternal Source Energy.

You’ll be celebrated and affirmed as new manifestations start flooding in, and desires manifest piece-by-piece with Joseph’s guidance.

Those close to you won’t be able to believe their eyes as they see the epic transformation that you experience with Joseph’s guidance!

You're Getting Live Weekly Coaching With Joseph!

Each week during this 60 day intensive Masterclass, you’ll come together with an intimate group of spiritual family to be mentored by Joseph, so that each of your pressing concerns can be resolved, your energy can shift, and you can begin creating new experiences.

You'll be able to ask your questions, get guidance and experience your energy shifting in real time!

Each week, you'll build on the powerful momentum that comes from a direct connection with your Inner Source of Guidance so that new manifestations are EXPLODING into your experience!

And by the end of your coaching experience, it is my absolute promise that you will have shifted your energy at a fundamental level, and have all the tools and techniques you need to be able to achieve this state of bliss - on demand!

Access Joseph's Entire Collection of Video Courses - Instantly!

You’ll also receive instant access to over 10 hours of video classes from Joseph, covering every range of topics important to you:

  • Creating Your Reality
  • Manifesting Loving Relationships,
  • Attracting Expanding Abundance,
  • Manifesting Vibrant Health

…and more!

These video classes are a laser-focused approach to identifying and releasing any beliefs that are standing in your way to creating the life that you desire.


As your old beliefs fall away, the life-giving energy of Source will fill you with the eager zest to create, and you’ll have the tools to make your desires your reality!


No stone will be left unturned as this comprehensive deep-dive into shifting your energy allows you to manifest with ease and grace, enjoying your journey along this path.

But first, a disclaimer:

If you just want to pile on more information without ever taking action, this Masterclass is not for you.

If you want to sit around and wait for manifestations without getting involved in inspired action - this will not be a good fit. 

But if you’re ready to embrace the opportunities that are drawn to you, Joseph is here to show you how to become a magnet for your next steps. 

I’m offering you the opportunity to be DIRECTLY mentored by Source - to have each of your beliefs lovingly guided in harmony with your broader knowing and to be personally guided along your path.

This is your chance to ask your questions and receive personalized guidance just for you and to have your hand held through the process of bringing your desires into manifestation.

This Masterclass with Joseph is usually a significant investment of $2,000. But I’ve spent months talking to those like you who are attracted to this work and I know how sorely needed this type of mentorship is… so I’ve decided to offer it at a drastically reduced cost so that nearly ANYONE can join.

I’m offering this massive discount for one reason: I want to make sure that financial resources won’t be able to stop you from having this comprehensive personal mentorship.

It is my passion and purpose to be able to share Joseph’s teachings, guidance and energy with the world, and I know that you’ve attracted this opportunity to yourself to be able to experience the transformation that comes from allowing Source to flow through you.

So I’ve decided to allow the next 25 people who join the Awaken to Source Masterclass to join at a dramatically reduced investment of $333.

If you’re one of the next 25 people to join the Mastermind, I’ll also give you Joseph’s suite of meditations, so that each morning you can anchor this new energy into your Being with deep breathing and guided meditation.


These meditations will allow you to relax into the new reality that you’re creating by bringing you fully into this moment of energetic BLISS that will ripple through you, touching every aspect of your life.


You’ll be able to quickly and easily shift your energy on subjects such as Peaceful Prosperity, Vibrant Health, Connecting to the God Within, Manifesting Loving relationships and more…

You’ll Also Receive the Shift Your Energy NOW Audio Course!

You’ll also get the Shift Your Energy course, Joseph’s most advanced information that is usually reserved for their longtime students.

This course contains powerful energy that will show you how to bend reality to your whim - be careful with this information! It WILL allow you to manifest your heart’s desire so be careful what you wish for as it will surely manifest.

⭐️ Change any negative patterns of thought and emotion that have stood in your way.
⭐️ Recognize and release the limiting beliefs that have been weighing you down.
⭐️ Soar into a lightness of being that brings blissful experiences into your life.
⭐️ Recognize and shift every point of tension, anger, frustration, and doubt.
⭐️ FEEL that clear, conscious connection to your Inner Energy that makes life FUN!
⭐️ Access the magic of the Universe!
⭐️ Master the tools and techniques that will take you from stuck to ecstatic in record time.

Oh, One More Thing...

You’re also getting the Mastering the Law of Attraction course.
This information and energy helped me to generate $49,600 - in the last month alone!


This course will give you the tools you need to master your energy, attract your desires, and step into your abundance.
Fine-tune your ability to manifest and enjoy life the way you intended as you commit to your vision!

I’m so certain that this is your next step on your path that I’m happy to offer a 30 day guarantee!

I 100% guarantee you’ll love the Masterclass
 or I’ll return your $333 and let you keep the meditations and the courses anyway!

That’s right. You don’t even have to give up access to anything.

Email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back what you paid with no questions asked.

How's THAT for fair?

Just Listen to What People are Saying...

THEO, Through Sheila Gillette
Mentor to Esther Hicks

"For there is many in need, and the guidance to be given allows transformation of consciousness for many.

So in this time, a gleaning of that import of your work and your position within that: the full soul contract to go forward in this 5th dimensionary energy as a being of increase and a being of sharing.

Knowledge, wisdom, insights to others as a conduit for their life process"

Marilyn Decalo

"I cannot thank Aaron and Joseph enough for the life changing shifts I have made with their loving guidance over the past 6 months.

Experiencing the energy changes everything! 

I have overcome fear and resistance, become an empowered creator and now I am launching my own coaching business - a dream come true! 

It has all happened through learning how to truly connect with the energy of my inner self, shift limiting thinking and line up emotionally with my heart’s desires. 

I feel blessed to have received this wonderful gift experiencing my connection to the energy."


Kelly Wenzel

"One session with Aaron and Joseph really does change your life.

The introduction to Aaron and Joseph came into my life with perfect timing. As many of us have experienced, life puts us through great challenges, teaching us incredible lessons, always pushing us forward. 

I had my sessions and important things about myself began to unfold in the most amazing self discovery type ways. 

The Joseph collective was the shining light that showed me who I truly was and what I had created for myself, allowing me the right tools, and energy to move forward and improve my life dramatically."

Morgan Lei

"Aaron and Joseph guided me within myself to a place of stillness and tranquility that had become elusive after many stressful years.

Their presence as we reacquainted with this lightness of my being fortified and strengthened the sensation allowing me to visit this resting place of wholeness and no-stress in an on going daily practice. 

I feel I was being given a new set of tools for living and a way to use them. 

Perhaps I already owned them but had forgotten where exactly I'd place them or how they worked. Joseph guided me with clarity, wisdom, kindness and grace."

Gavin Elliott

"I am continually pleasantly surprised by my experiences through Aaron and Joseph.

Each time I meditate with them I am quickly reminded of my life force power to create in this very life, this very moment.

The meditations free me from the egoistical chaos my mind creates to deceive me, and I am brought back to myself, my home, my soul.

To me, Aaron and Joseph are nothing less than a gentle and focused reminder that everything is and will always be ok, coupled with quick and effortless techniques to get me back to that nurturing space whenever I so desire. 

A truly grounding, yet liberating experience each time."

Maria Schuster

"You are such a blessing for this awakening process - the energy from Joseph is absolutely amazing - as soon as you channel, maybe 2 minutes later, the energy is moving through my body - particularly in the forehead - the energy moves from the right to the left hand side - it seems the 2 brains are connecting - it feels so peaceful."

Donna Guthrie

I think you guys just changed my life.. I have been unable to work due to crippling sciatica.. I am 54.... today I watched your videos, and my hips and pelvic bones opened (where my worst pain is) I was laying on my back doing air splits.. my whole spine opened from my neck to my ankles.. all bones cracked.. I could feel energy soaring thru my veins and I also have arterial vascular disease (no blood flow due to smoking) I feel amazing.. thank you"

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