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Marilyn Decalo

I cannot thank Aaron and Joseph enough for the life changing shifts I have made with their loving guidance over the past 6 months.

Experiencing the energy changes everything!

I have overcome fear and resistance, become an empowered creator and now I am launching my own coaching business - a dream come true!

It has all happened through learning how to truly connect with the energy of my inner self, shift limiting thinking and line up emotionally with my heart’s desires. I feel blessed to have received this wonderful gift experiencing my connection to the energy.

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THEO through Sheila Gillette
Mentor to Esther Hicks

For there is many in need, and the guidance to be given allows transformation of consciousness for many.

So in this time, a gleaning of that import of your work and your position within that: the full soul contract to go forward in this 5th dimensionary energy as a being of increase and a being of sharing.

Knowledge, wisdom, insights to others as a conduit for their life process.

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Kelly Wenzel

One session with Joseph really does change your life.

The introduction to Joseph came into my life with perfect timing.

As many of us have experienced, life puts us through great challenges, teaching us incredible lessons, always pushing us forward.

I had my sessions with Joseph and important things about myself began to unfold in the most amazing self discovery type ways.

The Joseph collective was the shining light that showed me who I truly was and what I had created for myself, allowing me the right tools, and energy to move forward and improve my life dramatically.

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Morgan Lei

Joseph guided me within myself to a place of stillness and tranquility that had become elusive after many stressful years.

Their presence as we reacquainted with this lightness of my being fortified and strengthened the sensation allowing me to visit this resting place of wholeness and no-stress in an on going daily practice.

I feel I was being given a new set of tools for living and a way to use them. Perhaps I already owned them but had forgotten where exactly I'd place them or how they worked. Joseph guided me with clarity, wisdom, kindness and grace.

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Maria Schuster

You are such a blessing for this awakening process - the energy from Joseph is absolutely amazing.


As soon as you channel, maybe 2 minutes later, the energy is moving through my body - particularly in the forehead - the energy moves from the right to the left hand side.


It seems the 2 brains are connecting - it feels so peaceful.

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Gavin Elliott

I am continually pleasantly surprised by my experiences through Aaron and Joseph.

Each time I meditate with them I am quickly reminded of my life force power to create in this very life, this very moment.

The meditations free me from the egoistical chaos my mind creates to deceive me, and I am brought back to myself, my home, my soul.

To me, Aaron and Joseph are nothing less than a gentle and focused reminder that everything is and will always be ok, coupled with quick and effortless techniques to get me back to that nurturing space whenever I so desire.

A truly grounding, yet liberating experience each time.

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